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Air Conditioning Services and Repairs

At Villegas Auto Repair & Service, our team of experience technicians is equipped with the latest diagnostic equipment and tools to detect leaks and malfunctioning parts. This ensures that no areas will go untouched during our comprehensive inspection. From A/C filter changes and A/C recharges to complex electrical and climate control repairs, we are ready to properly service your air conditioning system back to full working condition. Protecting our environment along the way.

Your vehicle’s HVAC system is important…not only for comfort, but for defrosting and defogging windows, uninterrupted flow of engine coolant, and proper operation of belts which drive your alternator, power steering, and water pump. Heating and cooling issues come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but Villegas Auto Repair & Service can handle them all.

If your AC isn’t working, there could be a number of different causes. Our experience technicians are ready to diagnose the problem and offer you viable options for repairs and replacements.

Common vehicle AC problems include:

Clogged or leaking condenser
Improper refrigerant level
Refrigerant cross-contamination
Unresponsive pressure switches
Damaged compressor
Broken belt
Clutch issues
Moisture and debris
A/C control head malfunctions

Your A/C system is complicated, to say the least. Compressors, high-pressure lines, special glasses, condensers, actuators, electronic and vacuum signals, and multiple other aspects of your car’s air conditioning system all have to work together in harmony to effectively cool your vehicle. While air conditioning is something you can generally live without, it’s definitely nice to have, and typically a small fix can get your system back up and running. The longer an A/C system remains none operational, the more problems it will develop, so it’s a good idea to have it serviced regularly.

When you bring your vehicle to the automotive specialists like Villegas Auto Repair & Service for an HVAC check or a repair of your air conditioning, heating, and ventilation system, our highly trained technicians may perform any of the following services:

Air conditioning performance test
Radiator cooling fan and condenser check
Thorough inspection and repair and replacement of HVAC components due to leaks degraded seals and malfunctions including hoses, gaskets, and belts
System pressure checks, such as with hi and low-pressure hoses
Air conditioning recharge
Refrigerant refill
Replacement or cleaning of cabin air filter
Condenser repair and replacement
Compressor repair and replacement
Evaporator repair and replacement
Accumulator/receiver-drier repair and replacement
Radiator repair and replacement
Thermostat repair and replacement
Water pump repair and replacement

If you’ve ever had a climate control problem in your car or truck, you know how uncomfortable driving can become—especially in the warmer months. If your AC system isn’t giving you the relief you need, then we invite you to contact our experienced auto repair professionals at Villegas Auto Repair & Service today for service.

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