Suspension Repair in Victorville ca

suspension repair in victorville ca

Importance of Suspension Repair

Suspension Repair at Villegas Auto Repair & Service
Our experience technicians at Villegas Auto Repair & service perform high-quality suspension repair to maximize your car’s ride comfort and enhance driver safety. Whether you drive a compact car or a raised pickup truck, a thorough suspension inspection is performed on shock absorbers, struts, and springs, followed by an explanation of problems, and suspension repair recommendations.

No one wants to ride in an uncomfortable car. Like the shock absorbers, struts and springs wear over time, ride comfort will begin to diminish. Ignoring suspension repairs not only negatively affects ride comfort, but also results in excessive tire wear, decreased stability and handling.

We carry a complete line of high-quality suspension parts. Suspension repairs include:

Replace damaged, missing, worn shocks, springs, struts, and other suspension parts
If you’re experiencing a bouncy or harsh ride, it’s a good idea to have a suspension inspection performed at Villegas Auto Repair & service.
By bringing your car to Villegas Auto Repair & service, you will receive the best customer service and quality suspension repair within your budget, so your car will last longer.

Your suspension system is also considered part of your drivetrain, and it is integral to your car’s functionality. Your car generates tremendous forces, vibrations, and inertia, and for the vehicle’s frame to properly withstand them, it must be finely balanced. Your suspension system provides this balance and ensures the smooth, efficient operation of your car.

Bad vehicle suspension can result in

Unnecessary tire wear
Alignment problems and damage
Vibrations and noise
A healthy suspension and driveshaft system isn’t just important to your safety and the integrity of your car, it’s also money-saving. These systems contribute to fuel efficiency, which means more miles to the gallon and fewer trips to the gas station.

Typical Wear and Tear
Over time, steering and suspension components wear out and require replacement. Regular checks are critical to maintaining a safe car. Factors that affect wear include:

Driving habits
Operating conditions (potholes in the road)
Vehicle type
Type of steering and suspension system
A frequency of regular maintenance such as chassis lubrication and wheel alignment
Warning signs you will see include

Harsher, bumpy rides
Steering is stiff
Vehicle nose diving when the brakes are applied
The vehicle is swaying or leaning
Symptoms that you are having issues with your vehicle steering and suspension include

The car pulls to one side
Uneven tire wear
Excessive noise, vibration or bouncing
Fluid leaking out of the shocks or strut body
Broken or worn mounts or bushings
Loss of control
Come in today to have our professionals make sure your car is road-ready!

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